Tuesday, December 1, 2015

I'm Only One Person. How Can I Make a Difference?

Oftentimes, the thought is that one person cannot make a change in this world. That thought would be incorrect. Throughout history there have been examples of how one person has affected tremendous change. Sometimes for good, and sometimes for bad.

Two individuals have illustrated perfectly the premise that any single person can affect change on a grand scale. Through dedication, and perseverance, great things can be accomplished.

The Man Who Planted Trees is the fictional story of Elz√©ard Bouffier, who turns a barren wasteland in the Alps, into a natural paradise, by single-handedly planting hundreds of thousands of trees. Although fictional, the natural principles involved are relevant.

Forest Man is the true story of Jadav Payeng, who turned his barren island into a lush oasis by planting a forest larger than Central Park.

Both videos are well worth watching, and sharing. It might just inspire someone to make a difference, all by themselves.

Until next time...become the change you imagine.

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