Sunday, October 28, 2007

Evolution of a dream

Anatole France once said "To accomplish great things, we must dream as well as act."

As an adult my dream has been to see the world become a place of peace and beauty, but when I remember my dreams as a child, they always involved nature in some form or another. Sometimes we grow up and grow out of the simple ideals of our youth only to find that we are "missing something" in our lives. What is missing in many cases is the passion one feels when pursuing a dream. The passion of that pursuit is what makes us come alive.

I have come to understand that the greatest hindrance to peace is the lack of a stable environment. People all over the world suffer from famine, disease, poverty. They lack the basic necessities for survival. The earth, no longer in a state of balance, cannot support the organisms that inhabitat it. So what is the solution? Everyone has an opinion about that and no one answer exists. But if we look at the most common denominator it would be our planet.

Clean air, water, and land is necessary for the healthy survival of all organisms on the earth. It should be a common goal of all peoples to work toward healing the planet and creating a sustainable environment now and for the future.

In keeping with my original passion, beginning January 1st, 2008 my website and shop will focus on the environment and what is being done globally to heal our world.

Healthy planet + healthy, happy people = PEACE.

Until next time...become the change you imagine.