Saturday, July 19, 2008

The Zero-Waste Town

In Kamikatsu, Japan you will not find a garbage can in any of the town's homes, and there is no dump anywhere around. This is because the resourceful residents must compost all waste from their food, and sort other trash into 34 separate categories, with sections for plastic bottles, razor blades, Styrofoam, and various other items.

Interestingly enough, the locals seem to like this extreme recycling process. One resident, claims that the town's no-waste policy makes her more mindful of what she's using, and helps her to take advantage of every last scrap. When she cannot use the whole vegetable, or all of the meat, she cooks it again, often making soup.

Most of us may not be as ecologically-advanced as the residents of Kamikatsu, but the idea that people on the opposite side of the world are separating their trash into 34 categories may inspire people to recycle their cans and bottles, at least. Check out Lime's Guide to Recycling to learn how to get rid of trash without heading to the dump.
Embrace the concept of zero-waste. Use less, and use wisely.

Until next time, become the change you imagine.

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